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Guadalupe Island


"A Sanctuary for Wildlife"

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Have you ever dreamed of being face to face with the ultimate predator of the oceans? The trip to Guadalupe Island in the Mexican Pacific is your opportunity. With warm crystal clear waters, it is currently considered as the best place to observe this magnificent species. 

The season for sightings is from July to October each year. Do not miss this great experience! This year we embark at Ensenada, B.C.N. to sail for 28 hrs. and reach the Guadalupe Island; a volcanic island that is part of the Mexican territorial sea. 

You'll enjoy 3 days doing cage divings with many opportunities to take your own pictures of this magnificent shark. The boat has two surface cages and one submersible. No need to be a certified scuba diver to live this experience in a surface cage. The submersible cage, which is located at 20 ft. below the surface, requires the participant be a certified scuba diver.

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This diving spot can only be visited by boat, plan your trip in advance.

The places on the boat are limited, booking in advance is necessary.
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